Advice how to act against anti-Asian sentiments at school, at work, and in relationships

This article talks about how to combat anti-Asian racism at school and workplace. This very comprehensive list of advice includes:

At school

  • Realize it’s never too early.
  • Don’t rush to get an uncomfortable conversation over with, because it can send a message.
  • Use age-appropriate language and these scripted suggestions.
  • Ask open-ended questions.
  • For teachers, be aware of these microaggressions, which you might unknowingly enact.
  • Talk to all students about racism and bystander intervention.
  • Empower, don’t victimize.

With friends:

  • Use recent news events as an entryway to discussing personal experiences and thoughts.
  • Don’t let the “It’s just a joke” excuse slide, and realize you have a right to bring up past comments.
  • Avoid the “My Asian girlfriend” pitfall: Allies should do the work, too.

At work:

  • You can initiate the need for action, then lean on human resources and employee resources groups to help.
  • Understand common insensitivities and misunderstandings that can crop up in workplaces.
  • Encourage diverse leadership styles.